jueves, 23 de abril de 2009


My data collection techniques for this action research will be the following:


To make this survey I used Encuestafacil.com, if you want to see it is in:

It was applied on April 13th, twenty students out of twenty three answered it, the students that missed it was because they did not have internet in their houses at that time.They didn't report any problem when they solved it.


This technique was proposed in order to know students level and written production using informal letters. Here I worked according to the following steps:

1. Explaining how the school's platform works

1. Planning an activity to write informal letters

2. Making the lesson plan for this specific class

3. Teaching the class that included- Explanation, production and peer correction of the letter.

4. Sending letters to their friends to check if they were correct and receive feedback from them and then they send it to me in order to check their work.

During this process three of the students still didn't know how the platform works to send e- mails to different people, so I guided them by sending e-mails giving instructions on how to do it.

c. Documents

On April 14th I collected from the dignostic test twenty out of twenty three letters.

On April 18th I collected eighteen out of twenty three letters

On April 21st I collected fourteen out of twenty three letters

The reasons why some students missed the activity are vary, so I gave them the opportunity to send some of the letters after the deadline in order to have a more complete information.

d. Post-test

e. Post-survey

f. Blog